About Me

Welcome! I’m A. M. Watson.

I am a homeschool graduate, who loves to spend her time reading, studying history, playing music, and writing. 

My passion as a writer is to write books that incorporate history with the beautiful message of salvation and hope through Jesus Christ alone. 

I am a serious sucker for old black and white movies, and also adore old photographs. (Yes, I could really spend all day looking at them. And do at times.

When I am not typing away at my current WIP (work in progress), you can find me playing with my nephews, practicing music with my sisters, or trying out a new crochet pattern. 

I adore reading and am a definite book worm. My soft spots for books include historical fiction and non-fiction, mystery, and pretty much anything military.

I love to be outside, listening to the howl of the coyotes near our house or the whistle of the wind through the prairie grass, and am firmly convinced that life is truly better in the country.

I am a 100% American girl, who bleeds red, white, and blue and is proud of her heritage as an Independent Baptist and Patriot.

How I Found The Timeless Anchor

I grew up in a Christian home, being taught the truth of the Bible from the time I was born. When I was five years old, I made a profession of salvation. I had prayed a prayer and I thought that it meant I was saved.

For many years, I struggled off and on with doubts about my salvation. Even though I was taught truth from the time I was born, I had no real desire to live for God. My life had no meaning or purpose.

In February of 2017, I was sitting in our church on a Wednesday night, listening to our Pastor preaching. As he preached, the Holy Spirit was convicting me that I had never really truly been born again. All those years before when I had said a prayer, I hadn’t fully understood or realized what salvation was. I had not repented of my sin that day as a little girl, and I had been trusting in a prayer instead of Jesus Christ alone for salvation. When the service ended and the invitation was given, I knelt on my knees and accepted Christ as my Savior. That night, Jesus Christ washed away all of my sin with his precious blood that was shed for me on the cross of calvary.

The change that took place in my heart and mind that day was the most glorious thing that has ever happened to me. When Christ moved into my heart, everything changed. Old things began to pass away, and all things started to become new. ( 2 Corinthians 5:17 )

When I found Jesus Christ — The Timeless Anchor — my entire life was changed. By His grace and mercy I am striving to live for Him.

If you have not trusted Christ as your personal Savior and would like to know more about it, then please feel free to contact me here.

Thank you for stopping by! I look forward to seeing you around!