Help Me Fight Blogger Block Syndrome

I am suffering from Blogger Block syndrome. Blogger Block is a syndrome every blogger faces at some time or another. It can be one of the hardest to cure. Some known side effects may include, but are not limited to: exhaustion, late nights working doggedly on blog posts you should have finished days ago, having the urge to beat your head against the wall, wandering aimlessly around the house knowing you should be working on a blog post but procrastinating anyway, and wondering what your next blog post is going to be about.

Some severe cases of Blogger Block syndrome can cause loss of sanity, and discouragement. You know things are really bad when your blog post topic is even a surprise to yourself.

As you can see, I need your help finding a cure.

What topics do you like the best on the blog? What are your favorite posts? Is there a series that you have really enjoyed?

Did you enjoy having an entire week dedicated to one topic? What did you think of our recent countdown? Maybe there is a specific topic you would like to see a post about in the future?

I would appreciate your feedback! Let me know what you think by using the form below.

4 thoughts on “Help Me Fight Blogger Block Syndrome

  1. Aw, girl. *hugs*

    You can always blog on writing advice, book reviews, more history-related topics, provide snippets of your book (I demands more snippets. I *needs* more snippets), talk about random stuff, do a devotional, write on what God has taught you through writing…

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  2. I am sad to see that only one person was willing to help you with this.😞
    I always love history stories. Especially if you find one that I am unfamiliar with. Your recent ( as I am writing this response a few weeks after this post) post on current events (feminism vs femininity) was wonderful. How true that what we are living today, is future history! Keep up the goid work, and I challenge others to drop a note here.


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