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Vital Stats and Appearance

(pen)Name: Alyssa (of course you already knew that 😉)

Nicknames: Oh my…I have a few. Actually I have been officially nicknamed Tory by some of you—due to the fact that I am a HisTORY girl.

Birthday: Ok, there are some of these questions I am going to pass on answering, and this is one of them.

Hair color and length: NA

Eye color: NA

Braces/piercings/tattoos: Uhmm, yes I have had braces before. And a definite no to the other ones.

Righty or lefty: Righty!

Ethnicity: Oh boy, you probably don’t have time to go into all of that with me, because there is a lot there. But some of the main ones are, Scottish (aye, brave and stubborn American-Scots😉), Swedish, German. But let’s be real here—I am 100% American. My ancestors left those countries they were born in and came to America for freedom. They left behind those nations and became Americans—proud and true. So yeah, just a 100% American girl here.


First novel written: That depends on what you consider a “first novel”! My very first “novel” was when I was about seven. It was a story about a set of twins, and how they celebrated their birthday. (I know, some serious originality right there.)

First novel completed: Ok, but in all seriousness now, the first completed story of official novel length is my current WIP.

Award for writing: None

First publication: None yet

Conference: Nope

Query/Pitch: No


Novel (that you wrote): Uhmm, of course my current one! It was never supposed to steal my heart the way it did, but somehow here we are…

Genre: Historical Fiction. No hesitation there! I am a sucker for historical fiction—especially if it involves our military.

Author: I honestly can’t say as I have one favorite author. I know so many seriously talented authors and I couldn’t pick one!

Writing Music: Ok, this one confused me for a second there, because I read that question and thought it meant your favorite type of music to write! But upon further investigation I realized it means, What type of music do you listen to while you write? That made a lot more sense. In answer to that question, I listen to a lot of instrumental. Preferably instrumental music that has no words written to the tune, because I have found that even listening to instrumental hymns distracts me. I find myself singing the words of the hymn in my head!

Time To Write: Definitely morning. My mind is fresh in the mornings and I tend to get more done. By evening, my brain feels like it is fried and is just done in general. So yeah…

Writing Snack/Drink: Hmmm…I love to have a nice hot (or iced) cup of coffee in the mornings when I write. There is just something so wonderful about that! As for snacks, I don’t really have a set snack, however I do sometimes go and find something to munch on while I am writing. Figuring out plots and characters is hard work. Trust me, you work up an appetite doing it!

Movie: Favorite movie, huh? Ok, Little Women is always a go-to. It is just so sweet, and sad, and wonderful. Does anyone else relate really well to the writer-side of Jo?

Writing Memory: I could think of a lot of good memories. One of them being the time that my sister and I couldn’t sleep, so we stayed up until 2:00 am talking about writing, and working out details in my WIP.

Childhood Book: Why does this gotta be so tough? I mean who can pick only one childhood favorite? If I had to though, I would have to say either The Little House series or Five Little Peppers.


Reading: I have a couple books going currently. O To Be Like Thee by Kassie Angle, and Vanessa Hall’s Grace Sufficient series. I am enjoying both so far!

Writing: Though War Should Rise Against Me (what is prayerfully going to be my debut novel), and several other projects.

Listening to: Hymns/Conservative Christian music, historical music, and patriotic! What can I say? I’m a musician and music is a big part of my life.

Watching: I don’t really have a series or show that I am watching currently. We don’t have actual television, so we only watch what we have on DVD.

Learning: I feel like this list could also go on for a while. I am forever needing to learn something new. Unfortunately sometimes it takes me some time before I actually learn something. But, God has been teaching me to look more to Him rather than at worrisome things going on around me.


Want To Be Published:  Yes, 100% yes! It has always been my biggest dream to publish someday. Prayerfully soon I will be publishing my debut novel.

Indie or Traditional: Indie!

Wildest Goal: Wildest goal or most desired goal? Honestly, my most desired goal (which is wild in my eyes) is for my writing to touch even just one life for Christ. For someone to be influenced to serve God more, to love Him more, to grow closer to Him. For someone to realize how much God loves them and wants a personal relationship with th. That is my wildest goal for my writing. If my writing were to touch even one life for Christ, I would consider my goal met.

I Tag…

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Hannah @ More Than Just Reading

Grace Johnson

And whoever else would like to do it, consider yourself tagged!

That’s it for this tag! Hopefully you enjoyed it. What would be some of your answers? Let me know in the comments!

A. M. Watson

Hebrews 13:8

21 thoughts on “The Get To Know Me Tag

  1. YES, THE LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE SERIES!!!! And Little Women–man, I feel as if I could find at least one thing to relate to each one of them LOL!

    But such a lovely tag! 😀 I like how God is teaching you not to worry about life; easy to do. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I have always adored that series!!! There is something so relaxing about reading those books.
      Hahahaha, me too!! So accurate!

      Thanks. 😊 Aww, it seems to be a struggle! Thank God that He is so patient with us. ❤


    • You’re welcome! I look forward to seeing your post.
      Yes, patriotic music!! 😍
      Well, I knew you’d disagree on that one 😆
      Thanks, Madi! I hope when you do, you enjoy it! Hahaha, well it was interesting anyways. 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

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