An Old Fashioned Winter

March is halfway gone. Can you believe it? It hardly seems like spring is just around the corner. But sure enough, scattered here and there are tiny signs that spring is coming. Around here we’ll most likely have bursts of winter for several more months. We thrive on unpredictability.

To round out the winter though, I thought we’d do another Old Fashioned Post. There are so many things that characterize the fresh, clean, icy days of winter.

This winter has been nothing like any of my family imagined it to be. It has brought ups and downs, tears and smiles. But mostly it is stamped with God’s goodness. Mercy is written all over the months of this winter.

I can’t begin to describe the ways His grace, mercy, and faithfulness can be seen.

It’s seen in winter sleigh rides through the woods. The bite of the wind mixed with the warmth from the sun. Sleighbells that ring in the crisp air. Laughter that joins in. Cocoa and blankets around a fire.

Sledding with friends in the aftermath of a snow storm. Careening down the icy slope, three to a sled. Evening skies painted delicately with a brushstroke of gold. Hot chocolate and cookies afterward. Warm dry clothes.

Snowed in for days on end. Game nights—warm and snug inside. Bowls of steaming chili to ward off the chill in the air.

Winter engagements (Not mine. So don’t anyone go getting the wrong idea here. 😜). Roses that contrast the delicate sparkle of the ring. Wedding planning and all its chaos.

Trials and troubles that throw everything into a tail spin. Moments that make you realize just how fragile life is. Time, spent away from family for reasons out of control, but truly does make the heart grow ever fonder. Times of strength. Times of grace. Times of tears. Hospital rooms that have seen the most fervent prayer vigils through the night. Miracles you see unfold before your eyes. Bible verses that come in the darkest moments and act as a life-line when you need it most. Godly songs played again and again just to get you through the day.

Life is filled with God’s goodness. It is written with His mercy. And His faithfulness is never failing.

What are some of the most meaningful moments for you this winter? Let me know in the comments!

A. M. Watson

Hebrews 13:8

10 thoughts on “An Old Fashioned Winter

  1. Is this post actually making me feel a bit sad that winter is coming to an end?

    Shockingly, yes. 😂 This is so beautiful!!! I love when you do these kinds of posts! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, in some ways I’m going to miss the beauty of winter too! But spring is going to be gorgeous, I think.
      I’m so glad that you enjoy these posts! Thanks for reading and letting me know. ❤


  2. “We thrive on unpredictability”… now there’s an understatement for 2023, lol! This is beautiful. As one who shared in the sledding adventure, it definitely hearkened back to a more simple time: when automation and technology did not rule life. Your photos are stunning and I appreciate your perspectives.

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