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I have been wondering for an eternity now why someone hasn’t created a blog tag for history buffs. I know I can’t be the only one out there that adores history and would love to do a blog tag surrounding it. Am I right? Please tell me there are a few of you out there anyway.

So then I thought, why can’t I just make my own? And that’s how we landed here.


• Mention the creator, A. M. Watson and link back to the original post.

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•Have fun answering the questions. This is your permission to go on a few history related rants, because let’s face it—history buffs enjoy doing that every now and again.

•Tag other bloggers you would like to see answer the questions

An historical figure that you think was slightly misunderstood

Don’t hate me for this one. Please, don’t. I have a good reason for naming him here.

Benedict Arnold. Excuse me now while I go wash my mouth out with soap. As a patriot, his name leaves a horrendous taste in my mouth.

I do think though that he has been misunderstood all of this time through history. Most people just say that he sold out his country for money. That is only partially correct. He was actually a very arrogant person, which is what led him to betray his country. He had been turned down for promotion in the Continental army and this enraged him so much that he decided he could easily get a cushy commission and a healthy amount of money if he sold the plans of West Point to the British. So that’s what he did.

Don’t get me wrong here. I still think he was a dirty-rotten scoundrel for betraying his cause and country. He obviously was lacking in his patriotic fervor. Not to mention, officers were to be men of honor—something he was not. But I also know that most people don’t know that he was also at one time one of America’s greatest heroes. In fact so much so that there is even a monument still honoring his heroism for America’s cause. Crazy, huh?

So in those regards, I think he’s been misunderstood a little.

Least favorite aspect of history to study

World history is by far my least favorite. I could do without studying all of the rest of the world’s problems. Give me baptist and American history and I am fully content. I do understand that world history is just as important to study, but it’s not the cherry on top of the cake for me. It’s more like the spinach and kale no-one likes. 😆

A figure from history that you would’ve loved to meet

Patrick Henry. Hands down. How can anyone read his speeches and not think it would’ve been downright awesome to have been there to hear them given and meet him? The man was a patriotic firebrand in its purest form. His passion for liberty was incredible. Interestingly enough, my 7th grandfather was a close friend of Patrick Henry’s.

When you became interested in history

I became interested in history around the age of eleven, if I’m remembering correctly. I don’t even know what it was that first made me start studying it on my own. School of course kept me busy studying it prior to this time, but eventually it became a hobby I would do in my free time.

A pet peeve from history

I thought and thought and thought about this one. What is my biggest pet peeve from history? Glad you asked.

The fact that there were dozens of warning signs given to us about the attack on Pearl Harbor, and no one took them seriously. You know how many lives could have been saved had we reacted to the warnings? Every time I read a book about Pearl Harbor, or watch a movie about it, I am so heartbroken that it could’ve turned out so differently if only those in charge had believed the reports given of an impending attack.

Your favorite phrase from history

Okay, I realize that this is more of a quote rather than a phrase, but I seriously use it all the time. Ask my family. They would tell you that I routinely quote this in my everyday life, because I’m crazy that way.

Please, someone tell me I’m not alone. But again, it goes back to Patrick Henry. The man was a patriotic genius.

Something from history that you think should be brought back

Morals. Standards. Patriotism.

Yes, I realize that is three things, but I couldn’t resist. People of our generations have none of the above, as a general rule. Lack of morals creates breeding grounds for lack of standards and patriotism. It’s a vicious cycle that is never ending.

Pick your favorite era. Now tell us the worst event that took place in that era

The Second World War is my favorite time period to study (as you can tell from the poster picture).

How can you really choose a “worst event” in all of WWII though? The entire war was filled with horrendous events that are enough to make a person sick to their stomachs. Upon thinking about it very hard, I came to the decision that I would say the Bataan Death March would be my choice. If nothing else, it’s most definitely in the top ranking worst events of WWII.

An event in history that you can never remember the date of

As much as I adore studying history and specifically WWII, I can’t for the life of me remember the date of the Battle of Midway. I don’t know why, either. Something about it makes it difficult for me to remember.

It was June 4, 1942, in case any of you were wondering. (Yes, I had to look it up. I’m telling ya, it’s a doosy to remember.)

You’ve time-traveled through history. What is one event you would choose to be present for?

July 4, 1776. Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The signing of the Declaration of Independence. Can you imagine being in Independence Hall the day our Declaration was signed? I get shivers just thinking about it. The eyewitness reports said of that day that a solemn chill hung over the place as each man stepped forward to sign his death warrant for our freedom. They knew that they were branding themselves as traitors who would be hanged if caught, but they did it anyway for us. I would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall at that moment.




M. L. Milligan


Anyone else who would like to do it!

A. M. Watson

Hebrews 13:8

14 thoughts on “History Buff Blog Tag

  1. I actually did a research paper on Benedict Arnold back in the day, and it really was interesting to learn how he’d once been lauded as a great hero and patriot. Very sad how sin – arrogance and love of money – can turn a person so awry.

    But this was such a fun and informative post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Isn’t it really odd to think about? He really did a lot of good for our nation at first.

      Aww, thank you! I thought it would be kind of fun. 😄 I would love to see you do it! 💕


  2. I love this new tag!!! Ugh, yes, it’s heartbreaking about how many warning signs were given about Pearl Harbor…I was just reading about that the other day. 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome! If you do it, I can’t wait to read your answers!
      Portions of it aren’t bad, but it’s definitely not my favorite. 😆 And the industrial revolution for sure is not my favorite.


  3. *Jumps up and down squealing and clapping* YEAS!!!! FINALLY! Girl, this is genius, and I am SO doing this!!! Funny thing, I think Arnold was an interesting character too, to be sure. And I LOVE that quote from Henry!! Right next to “My only regret is that I have but one life to give for my country,” (please tell me you know who said that one 😉)that one is absolutely amazing. Franklin had some great quotes, too. *Brain goes off into a history spiral*

    You know . . . about Pearl Harbor . . . I know some people will brand me for this, but that wasn’t an accident, us ignoring all the warning signs. The powers at be knew full well that the Japanese were going to attack and let them. Why? ‘Cause we needed a noble reason to join the war. 🙄😑 Our government makes me sick. All the lives that were lost . . . My great grandpa on my dad’s side was there, on a boat that was hit. He ingested fuel and oil from the water when he went overboard, which was one of the reasons for his health complications at the end of his life.

    Anywho, amazing post, girl!! I cannot wait to do it. Thank you so much for tagging me!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I knew there had to be a few of us out there who would enjoy such a tag! 😂
      He really was. I don’t condone his actions at all, but I think there was more going on than met the eye.

      Are you kidding me? That was only the first patriotic quote I ever learned! Nathan Hale was a hero in the purest form of the words. He is toward the very top of my favorite heroes list. 🤭

      Yeah. It’s one of the most heart breaking things about WWII. You must be so proud of your great grandfather!

      Thank you! I can’t wait to read your answers!


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