Peace Officer Memorial Day

I couldn’t let Peace Officers Memorial Day pass without commemorating it. Recently, the death of an officer touched my world. I knew so much more that I had to commemorate this day on my blog.

Every day our Police officers put their lives on the line, never knowing if they will ever make it home again. They sacrifice daily for us to be able to live in peace and safety.

When we need them, they are there for us. They willingly put themselves between us and the evil that consumes our world. Yet, so many of us take it for granted. We fail to remember that each badge represents a soul, a life, somebody’s world. They have lives, hopes, dreams.

They are heroes.

I stumbled across this short “letter” recently, and knew I had to share it. As you read it, I hope you are struck with humble gratitude to all those who have given their lives in our defense. I know that I am.

“Today I will not answer the radio call that your boyfriend has come home drunk and is beating you again. Today I will not answer the radio call that your 16 year old daughter, who is very responsible, is four hours late coming home from school. Today I will not answer the radio call that your store has been robbed or your house has been burglarized. Today I will not stop a drunk driver from killing someone. I will not catch a murderer or car thief. Today I will not answer the call that a man has a gun or tried to abduct a child or that someone has been stabbed or has been in a terrible accident. Today I will not save your child that you locked in a car or the child you were too busy to watch who went outside and fell in a swimming pool, but that I revived. No, today I will not do that. 


Because today I was killed by a drunk driver while I was helping push a disabled car off the highway. Today I was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop to simply tell someone that they had a tail light out. Today I was killed in a traffic accident, rushing to help a citizen. Today I was shot and killed serving a warrant to a known drug dealer. Today I was killed when I came by to do a wellfare check on a man because his family was too busy. Today I was killed trying to stop a bank robbery. Today I was killed doing my job. 

A chaplain and an officer will go to my house and tell my family that I won’t be coming home today. The flags will be flown at half mast at many police stations today, but many will not know why. There will be a funeral, and my fellow officers will come, a twenty-one gun salute will be given, and taps will be played as I am laid to rest. 

My folded flag will be placed on the mantle at home, and my family will mourn. 

Know that I would come to your rescue today, like I have every other day, if it weren’t for the call “Officer Down”. 

~Author Unknown

Thank you to the families of our heroes. Your sacrifices will never be forgotten.

God bless our police officers and their families.

A. M. Watson

Hebrews 13:8

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