An Old Fashioned Christmas

Welcome to post three in my series of Old Fashioned living. If you missed the first two, you can check them out here and here.

Christmas offers so many opportunities for Old Fashioned things. And I love to take advantage of any and all that I might get to participate in.

In a world that is forever changing like the waves of the sea, we are left to simply enjoy the simple moments of life. To embrace each day as the gift from God that it is. We make plans for what we envision things to be like, but regardless of how much we try to plan it all out, life has a way of happening. Plans are changed and circumstances appear that we can’t change. I’m a believer that nothing happens by chance—that God brings every situation into our lives for a reason. If we spend our days regretting and bemoaning how nothing goes the way we plan, we’ll miss the hidden gems of beauty that are there if we will only take notice of them.

Does our God—our Emmanuel—give us joy all the time? In every situation? In every circumstance? Or is He a God that gives joy dependent on our circumstances?

Last time I checked, He told us that the joy of the Lord would be our strength. He told us to give thanks in all things. No matter what circumstances you face, the joy of the Lord can be your strength. Seize the moment and relish simple blessings that surround you. They are blessings that some people would give the world for.

Seize the glorious treasures hidden within everyday moments. Life is a fragile, short thing. Which is the very reason why we have to treasure and redeem the time that has been granted us.

Note: All pictures are my own and may not be used without my express written permission. ©2022

Decorating the Christmas tree with the little ones in your life. Striped candy canes hung gently on the branches. The legend of the candy cane told over and over to little children enthralled by its beauty. Frosting Christmas cookies. Letting them eat too much frosting because it’s a special treat that you only let them do once a year.

Scenes that belong on a Christmas card, but were granted to be the picture you wake up to. Snow that glitters in the sunlight with a glamour reminiscent of diamonds. Sweet old-fashioned living that is breath for the soul.

Blizzards that hit with a fury all their own. Being snowed in for nearly a week straight. Shoveling snow in the negative zero weather. Trees covered in powdery snowflakes.

Evergreens frosted over. Cold puffs of breath that freeze in the frigid air. The peaceful calm that comes when the world is fast asleep in the icy grip of winter.

Cookies and hot cocoa. Snuggled up warm and safe inside. Long evenings spent reading a book.

Candlelight Christmas dinners. Soft flickering of the flames that cast a gentle glow on their surroundings. Caroling around the piano with the people dearest to your heart by your side. Raising your voice in gleeful harmony in celebration of our Savior. Wishing to encapsulate the beauty of quiet moments like this in your memory forever. Stepping back and noticing every little detail of the life that has been granted you to live. Thanking God for every breath—in all its imperfection and craziness.

Christmas slumber parties with your siblings. Watching movies and making snacks. Staying up late into the night reminiscing the memories of days gone bye. Sharing laughter over silly little things only your family would understand. Reading the account of Christ’s birth. Rejoicing in so great a salvation.

What are some things that you got to do this Christmas season? I’d love to hear about some of the things you enjoyed especially!

6 thoughts on “An Old Fashioned Christmas

  1. Cookie decorating has been a tradition since my kids were little. Now I do it with the grandkids. Yes, the two year old eats more frosting than he puts on the cookies, but as you said, it IS just once a year.😃 I love being a grandma!☺
    Great pictures, by the way!

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