Our Nation Lives// Forever We’ll Remember Day 7

Welcome back to the Forever We’ll Remember Countdown. Here we are with less than twenty-four hours to go!

Tomorrow I will be attending a special Memorial Day service. I encourage each of you to find out if your city has one, and then GO! It is heartbreaking to see how few people will attend these type of ceremonies to honor those who have given everything for our freedom. I encourage you to take time tomorrow to remember their sacrifice and thank God for the freedom we have been granted. The cost has been high.

Without further a-due, let’s jump in to our post for the day.

One of the saddest things my heart can see is Old Glory flying half way down the flagpole. I go to town and see the flag flying half mast, and my heart drops. It’s a sign of temporary defeat. It reflects a brokenness deeper than words can utter.

As if my beautiful Stars and Stripes were bent low, weeping. They hang limp and lifeless. Battered and beaten. Pained and injured.

It is as though she is mourning for those we have lost. As if her heart is burdened beyond consolation. Just as our’s are. You’ve heard it said a million times over, but I will say it again. Freedom is not free. It is not just a phrase that we say with emptiness. It is the very heart of who we are as a nation. Americans have always paid the price for freedom. The price is always paid in blood.

On Memorial Day, the American flag is lowered to half mast from sunrise until noon. It signifies that we mourn together the deaths of our heroes. We weep for the terrible price that freedom brings. Just as our beautiful flag is lowered, we lower our heads in solemn remembrance of those who gave everything for us. Our hearts break with the pain of loss, and our tears drop for the sorrow of each life sacrificed for America.

At noon, the flag is briskly raised to the top of the flagpole—the place where she belongs. Do you know why we raise the flag at noon?

It signifies that though we mourn and weep for a time, we go on—just as our heroes would have us to. Though our hearts shatter with each life that was sacrificed on the altar of freedom, we carry on. Though we experience temporary defeat when these, our heroes die, we pick ourselves back up and we keep fighting for right and freedom—just as they fought for freedom.

That is the way our heroes would want it. They gave their last breaths so that Old Glory could continue to fly boldly and proudly—free and unhindered. They died so that freedom’s light could shine steady for future generations.

We mourn. We weep. We remember. We honor.

Yet, we also live. We wipe away the tears that blur our eyes and we pledge that these heroes shall not have died in vain. We rise up and carry the torch that has been passed to us by our fallen.

In the words of the U.S. Code in regard to raising the flag again, “For the nation lives, and the flag is a symbol of illumination.” Our fallen gave their last breaths to ensure that America would live on. That is why we raise the flag again at noon.

Tomorrow, we mourn for those we’ve lost. We weep with gratitude over the freedom that has been granted to us by the blood they shed. Our hearts hang low and heavy.

But we rise up with our flag again, and continue on with grateful, solemn hearts. Grateful for their sacrifice. Solemn in remembrance of the duty to keep their memory alive.

Forever We’ll Remember.

Are you planning any special ways to remember our fallen tomorrow? Let me know in the comments!

A. M. Watson

Hebrews 13:8

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