Heroes Never Die// Forever We’ll Remember: Memorial Day

What do you say for Memorial Day? What words can adequately describe the grief, sorrow, and humble gratitude that swells in our hearts for the price that has been paid for our freedom?

What can be said to show that we have not forgotten and will not forget each of the heroes who have died for us? Are there truly words that can be said to capture the feelings of our hearts on Memorial Day?

I’m not sure there really is.

I wanted to do my best to somehow honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us. A video slideshow seems to be such a small, inadequate way to do so, but it is something I could do.

This video and the countdown over this past week is dedicated to those who have given their lives for America. It is in honor of all those who will never enjoy the beauty of a sunrise again. Those who will never enjoy the benefit of the freedom that their lives paid for. Those who will never grow old. Those who gave up so many moments of the lives that could have been so that I could enjoy the sweet moments of my life in peace and safety. Those who gave their tomorrows for my today.

It is a tribute to our brave fallen. A reminder of the terrible price tag freedom brings.

These heroes had families waiting for them to come home. They had hopes and dreams for their futures. They had their lives stretching out before them.

All of their hopes, their dreams, their lives were stolen in a heartbeat. Willingly they gave up the things that could have been, in order for us to live and breathe in freedom.

This is for them. This is for their families, who suffered the greatest when our nation lost each hero.

To their families, Thank you for giving them to our country. Our nation has not forgotten them. Nor have we forgotten you. We weep with you the loss of these—our brave. Our hearts shatter with the somber reality of each life sacrificed on freedom’s altar.

We remember. We are humbled by their sacrifice. We bow our heads in gratefulness for the freedom that has been granted us with their blood. As I said in yesterday’s post, Just as our glorious nation lives on, so we as a nation live on, and our heroes live on in our hearts.

“Heroes never die.
They live on forever in the hearts and minds
of those who would follow in
their footsteps.”

~Emily Potter

We live on as they would have us to, but we don’t forget. We will never forget.

If for any reason you are experiencing trouble watching the video, please reach out to me here and I will do my best to help you!

A. M. Watson

Hebrews 13:8

15 thoughts on “Heroes Never Die// Forever We’ll Remember: Memorial Day

  1. Thank you for such a beautiful, heartbreaking post. The video had me crying for two reasons. One, because those men never came home… Two, because I’m so grateful my dad always did. Through some mercy of God he was always returned to us. Something many families never got. Great job on the video, thank you for the reminder of what Memorial Day really is about!

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    • Yes, Marryn what a blessing that your dad always came home. He, and veterans like him, have made their own sacrifice, as well as their families. Thank you.

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    • Aww, I am glad it touched you. If it makes you feel any better, I cried while I put the video together.
      That is such a blessing that your dad did! We are grateful for the service and sacrifice you and your family made as well!
      Thank you. I am glad the video moved you. 💙


  2. Wow! There are no words. Thank you for that video as well as the well thought out count down. It was a very humbling reminder of the reason we still have freedom today. Thank you to everyone who paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep this nation free

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  3. 💓 What a moving tribute! Yes, we will remember. We will strive to live lives that are fitting of their sacrifices. As the saying goes, if you want to thank a “Vet” ( in this case, the fallen ) live a life worth their sacrifice.
    The only true way to live this kind of life is by giving your life to Jesus Christ, and living for Him.
    Thank you to all of these heros and their Gold Star Families.

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    • Amen! A life lived for Jesus is the best way to tell them thank you. Thank the Lord for those who have given their lives for our freedom. We owe them and our Gold Star families a debt of gratitude.


  4. Fantastic job on your video. Second of course to God Himself ,based upon the sacrifice of His own Son, every breath we draw in freedom is reflective of our indebtedness to these men and so many others like them. Thank you for your hard work and patriotism in recognizing these heroes. Very proud of your work.

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